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The Frequency of Consciousness

By May 27, 2020July 9th, 2020No Comments

When working on Infinite Potential, the main question for me was: “How can we translate the idea of interconnectedness into music?”

While meditating on it, my thoughts brought me back to the Schumann Resonance, a electromagnetic, ultra-low frequency, generated by a vibrational interaction between the Earth’s surface and its ionosphere.

It’s a sound that surrounds us all… everywhere… any time.

Cosmic electromagnetic waves hit the earth all the time, then bounce from the surface of the planet and then back again from the ionosphere to the earth’s surface,
creating a frequency which is just below our audible spectrum.

So if we can’t hear it, why should we care about it?

This frequency is the sound of the planet itself and it has a huge mental and physical impact on our minds and bodies. If we’re out of sync with Earth’s Frequency we begin to exhibit signs of discomfort that can cause anxiety, insomnia and illness. I tend to think of it a global WiFi network which we can connect to at any time. In fact, it seems to be crucial for life on this planet.

So before starting work on the soundtrack I tuned all my instruments to this frequency and its overtones and also calculated the tempo that corresponds to the planetary rhythm. The goal was to create a fractal, coherent score that would immerse the viewers and make them not only understand interconnectedness intellectually but also feel it and tune into this resonance.

David Bohm said: “Consider what takes place when one is listening to music. At a given moment a certain note is being played but a number of the previous notes are still ‘reverberating’ in consciousness. Close attention will show that it is the simultaneous presence and activity of all these reverberations that is responsible for the direct and immediately felt sense of movement, flow and continuity.”

“In listening to music, one is therefore directly perceiving an implicate order.”

My personal belief, in fact, is that this is a direct way to connect to the field of infinite possibilities that unites us all and therefore shapes and transforms the reality we perceive. We can do it through music.





– Filip Piskorzynski