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Full interview with David Peat

The extended Interview series continues… The late F. David Peat, Theorical Physicist and Author, longtime colleague and close friend of David Bohm, talks of Bohm and his quest for a radical new order to Physics… This interview is now available and not to be missed. In the early 1970’s, David Peat took a sabbatical year with Roger Penrose, but shortly after overheard a lecture by David Bohm and was instantly hooked. He made it his business to meet with and talk to Bohm, and soon after the two men became collaborators, sharing an interest in the nature of Consciousness. Then
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Full interview with Maureen Doolan

Maureen Doolan …talks of David Bohm, the shy humble man who women could not resist! Extended interview with Maureen Doolan, close friend of both David and Saral Bohm now available and not to be missed…. In 2000, Maureen Doolan co-founded the Pari Centre for New Learning with her husband, physicist, the late F. David Peat. This center upholds David Bohm’s ideas in physics, philosophy, and consciousness, which is located in the little medieval village of Pari in Tuscany, Italy. Maureen is currently Commissioning Editor at Pari Publishing. WATCH THE FILM Both Maureen Doolan and David Peat were very close friends
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Full interview with Basil Hiley

Basil Hiley and David Bohm  One of the great science Partnerships  A Partnership in search for meaning and a quest to understand the underlying nature of Reality Extended interview with Basil Hiley is now available and should not be missed…. Dear Friends, today you have an opportunity to watch our extended interview with Basil Hiley, Quantum Physicist and Professor at University College London, who featured in our film Infinite Potential After Bohm’s period in exile, he (Bohm) eventually moved to the UK where he accepted a position as chair of theoretical physics at Birkbeck College, University College London. It was
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Full interview with Sir Roger Penrose

Extended interview with Sir Roger Penrose is now available  and should not be missed…. Dear Friends, today you have an opportunity to watch our extended interview with Nobel Laureate and Mathematical Physicist Sir Roger Penrose who featured in our film Infinite Potential WATCH THE FILM Penrose stated “If you are looking at interpretations of Quantum Mechanics, I think that the Bohm-Hiley way of looking at Quantum Mechanics has the most satisfactory Ontology, so that you have a picture of what constitutes reality without changing Quantum Mechanics…” WATCH THE FILM Roger Penrose, Basil Hiley and David Bohm spent much time together
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Full interview with His Holiness the Dalai Lama

This is the full interview with His Holiness the Dalai Lama. As you can imagine, we were eager to interview his Holiness because of his interactions with David Bohm. Bohm taught his Holiness about quantum physics. His Holiness often referred to David Bohm as his “science guru”. So, we were curious to hear the Dalai Lama’s thoughts on quantum physics, the concept that nothing objectively exists, and that reality exists in the consciousness of the Observer. We were given full access to his Holiness who welcomed us with generosity, kindness and with great compassion. In his own inimitable way, he spoke
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A Flickering Reality

Fast reverse! When I was very young, I attended the Cinema regularly.As soon as the lights went down and the projector beam hit the screen, I entered another reality. I completely lost any awareness of those around me and was drawn into the reality of the movie. Often I wondered, as I walked home after such screenings, could the reality that I was witnessing in front of me be some kind of projection? This thought used to bother me a lot. My friends would often catch me spinning around at staggering speed to see if I could catch the un-seen

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