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Full interview with Sir Roger Penrose

By September 30, 2022No Comments

Extended interview with Sir Roger Penrose is now available 

and should not be missed….

Dear Friends, today you have an opportunity to watch our extended interview with Nobel Laureate and Mathematical Physicist Sir Roger Penrose who featured in our film Infinite Potential


Penrose stated “If you are looking at interpretations of Quantum Mechanics, I think that the Bohm-Hiley way of looking at Quantum Mechanics has the most satisfactory Ontology, so that you have a picture of what constitutes reality without changing Quantum Mechanics…”


Roger Penrose, Basil Hiley and David Bohm spent much time together at Birkbeck College discussing ways to unravel the mysteries of the Universe. Their primary discussions were focused on how to get Quantum Mechanics, Gravity, and General Relativity into one theory. They would meet regularly to discuss this problem. At the time Penrose’s focus was on Twisters, Hiley’s on Quantizing Gravity and Bohm’s focus was on Structure Process, not particles moving in space time, but rather a process through which both particles and space time can emerge. Very radical ideas. The three pioneers, mathematicians and students would regularly discuss these ideas, which even by today’s standards remain well ahead of their time. 

So, watch this wonderful interview with Sir Roger Penrose and know that over the following weeks you will have an opportunity to see the continued extended interview series which will include Quantum Physicist Basil Hiley, lifelong friends of Bohm Maureen Doolan and Biographer David Peat, Quantum Theorist David Schrum, Physicist Jan Walleczek, Artist Sir Antony Gormley and more…

Watch the full un-cut interview now with Nobel Laureate and Mathematical Physicist Sir Roger Penrose