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Full interview with David Peat

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The extended Interview series continues…

The late F. David Peat, Theorical Physicist and Author, longtime colleague and close friend of David Bohm, talks of Bohm and his quest for a radical new order to Physics…

This interview is now available and not to be missed.

In the early 1970’s, David Peat took a sabbatical year with Roger Penrose, but shortly after overheard a lecture by David Bohm and was instantly hooked. He made it his business to meet with and talk to Bohm, and soon after the two men became collaborators, sharing an interest in the nature of Consciousness. Then in 1987, they co-penned the book Science Order and Creativity.


It was Peat who introduced Bohm to the native Blackfoot of North America and Leroy Little Bear, where Bohm found an indigenous people who shared his views on the nature of consciousness and his PROCESS view of reality. 

Both Peat and his wife Maureen Doolan developed a close friendship with David and Saral Bohm and later would meet at least once a year at the Bailey Farms, in New York State. 

In 1996, Peat moved to the medieval Village of Pari, in Tuscany, where he and Maureen set up the Pari Center for New Learning. And in 1997 Peat published his biography of Bohm titled Infinite Potential: The Life and Times of David Bohm.


David Bohm and David Peat

Watch now the full un-cut interview with David Peat.

Over the following weeks you will have an opportunity to view more from the extended interview series which will include full interviews with Quantum Theorist David Schrum, Physicist Jan Walleczek, Artist Sir Antony Gormley and more…

As previously indicated, we are posting one new extended Interview, fortnightly.

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