• interview1Possibly the best David Bohm interview ever?...

Possibly the best David Bohm interview ever?...

This is the first in a series of EXTENDED interviews we are adding to our website. We will be publishing one per month  – starting appropriately with the visionary scientist himself – David Bohm. This is the full version of an interview that David Bohm gave to David Suzuki from CBC Canada as part of a series titled The Nature of Things in May 1979. Bohm was there to meet with Jiddu Krishnamurti at the Krishnamurti Centre of Canada.

We used sections of this interview in our film INFINITE POTENTIAL. This is the fully extended interview recorded in May 1979.

Many consider this to be the best interview David Bohm gave in which he outlines his views on science as being too obsessed with calculations and not giving enough attention on the underlying nature of reality. He outlines his views on the conflicts between Einstein’s relativity and Quantum theory and how these two conflicting theories can be untied through Un-divided Wholeness.

He also discusses how he came to know Jiddu Krishnamurti and felt it personally necessary to go beyond the narrow constrains and limitations of general scientific methodology in his quest to understand the fundamental nature of being. He discusses the nature of thought and the urgent need to become aware of our thinking processes. How transformation must start at the individual level and how society is nothing more than the totality of individuals who are caught up in deeply embedded collective conditioned programs (religion, science, politics) that are continually reinforcing themselves. To bring about meaningful change we must get to the roots of those conditioned programs.

He openly discusses the failure of political leaders and how their lack of energy and vision to come up with anything approaching an original idea only preserves the old patterns that keep society trapped in repetitive processes. Bohm highlights the need for a source of new ideas at a much higher energy level that could be directed towards the problems that face mankind.

He discusses dialogue and his belief that there is tremendous energy in people when they  think together in groups. The liberation of such energy could provide an immense  impetuous to the whole of society to avoid the disasters that threaten the planet.