“We need to source and develop NEW IDEAS at a much higher energy”

David Bohm

All donations we receive make a huge enabling difference for us at IMAGINE FILMS to develop and engage with new similarly themed material and projects that highlight the need to explore the essential interconnectedness between science and spirituality for the transformation of Self and Society.

We are committed to making projects that inspire our human potential to see things differently, to restoring the quest for truth through science and spirituality. To recognize the profound implications of consciousness in quantum physics as an enabling tool for individual and collective transformation. Ultimately, we aspire to support and create projects that shine a light into the possibilities of a NEW RELATIONAL SCIENCE that integrates all the sciences, spirituality, the arts, nature and the cosmos into a coherent system of WHOLENESS that goes beyond our existing models to create a newly recognized domain of existence.

Your donations will be used for:

  • Research and Development of similarly themed original material
  • Website Hosting, continual updating with new visual and audio content
  • Funding the research and writing of film treatments and script development

The Global Pandemic has taught us how fragile our eco systems are and made us aware of the vulnerability of our financial, political and spiritual structures. Our mission is to build an awareness of the need for a coherent approach to reality – and by so doing we believe reality will respond coherently to us.

We accept donations via all major credit/debit cards.

We thank you for your generous consideration and support.

With gratitude – The Infinite Potential team