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Kathryne Jansen

A Flickering Reality

I discovered David Bohm in a little village in Italy in 2012. Prior to that I knew nothing of him. Now having just completed a film on his life, his incredible work in physics, philosophy and the nature of consciousness, the question for me is, how come I never heard about this extraordinary man and his work? Many of the questions that pre-occupied me during my formative years have since been answered by getting to know Bohm and his work, questions concerning the nature of  humanity, who we are collectively, where did we come from and why science and spirituality seemed to be so far apart. Fast reverse! When I was very young, I attended the Cinema regularly.As soon as the lights went down and the projector beam hit the screen, I entered another reality. I completely lost any awareness of those around me and was drawn into the reality of the movie. Often I wondered, as I walked home after such screenings, could the reality that I was witnessing in front of me be some kind of projection? This thought used to bother me a lot. My friends would often catch me spinning around at staggering speed to see if I could catch the un-seen projector hiding behind me. But no matter how I fast I turned, I never found it. So I began to think that there may be a dimension of reality that lies beyond our sense perceptions which feeds into the reality of our everyday world. Could this be the unseen projector I was looking for? Some years later, I was travelling in the cockpit of a Boeing 737 with my Father, an airline pilot. I was strapped into what they call the ‘jump’ seat just behind my Dad. The Destination, London Heathrow. The aircraft was

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Statement from Co-Editor David Howard

It’s not often that a project comes along that gives one the opportunity to ask meaningful questions about ourselves as individuals, about life in general and what it is that motivates our behavior and approach to life. I had heard Paul talking about the David Bohm Infinite Potential project for some time but honestly thought it would be a very difficult project to get financed. The ideas sounded wonderful and very inspiring, ideas about wholeness, oneness, emergence and  transformation that embraced  the notion of consciousness and what that might be. These are all ideas I have been personally very interested in for many years. Then one day Paul called to say he had successfully got the documentary financed and asked me would I like to help him out with the edit. I jumped at the opportunity. I was in from the beginning and could see that it was going to be quite a challenge to balance both the spiritual and science aspects of the project and to make them appealing to a general audience. Paul and I were at one in that we both felt we needed to create a deep sense of mystery from the beginning. How could we do this. I thought that the one experience people are always moved by is the mystery of the night sky. When people actually get to look at the night sky on a clear night they are filled with a kind of awe and respect for the mystery and magnitude of creation. We had some great footage of starry night skies and it just so happened that Paul had done an interview in which Bohm draws attention to that very mystery. Bohm believed that the so-called vast emptiness of deep space is not empty at all, but in actuality is vast

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Imagery and Metaphor in Infinite Potential

I’m very honored to be among a select group of creative people who had the chance to contribute to the film Infinite Potential. Filmmaking is teamwork and we had a lot of amazing people working very hard to allow this project to manifest itself. As the cinematographer and one of the film’s editors, my primary contribution was to the visual language. My approach was to visualise the idea of “undivided wholeness” and come up with metaphoric montages that could do it justice. David Bohm referred to it as the “Implicate Order” enfolding into the “Explicate Order”––a notion he picked up from quantum mechanics and adapted into his own theory. Bohm hypothesized a new order to quantum physics in which all things are interconnected and they form a unity––a so-called underlying reality, which emerges through the act of conscious observation and becomes explicate. It’s not visible and then, suddenly, it is.   I wanted to represent this miraculous transition––this moment between not being and being. An ephemeral state between mind and matter. The attached image is an example of this concept of the Implicate Order––everything constantly unfolding into the Quantum Field and then enfolding into the now. This effect of a raised hand “enfolding” and blending into a field of wheat seemed like the perfect illustration of this concept. I loved the challenge of translating a technical concept into “art”. For me, the way to understand complex realities is to try to simplify them. Inspiration also came from moments where I was truly present, observant of my surroundings––particularly in nature. When you start to look for patterns in the natural world, you start to see them all over, such as the fractals and spirals which appear everywhere. David Bohm defined beauty as “searching for new patterns that are fitting in every

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The Frequency of Consciousness

When working on “Infinite Potential,” the main question for me was: “How can we translate the idea of interconnectedness into music?” While meditating on it, my thoughts brought me back to the Schumann Resonance, a electromagnetic, ultra-low frequency, generated by a vibrational interaction between the Earth’s surface and its ionosphere. It’s a sound that surrounds us all… everywhere… any time. Cosmic electromagnetic waves hit the earth all the time, then bounce from the surface of the planet and then back again from the ionosphere to the earth’s surface, creating a frequency which is just below our audible spectrum. So if we can’t hear it, why should we care about it? This frequency is the sound of the planet itself and it has a huge mental and physical impact on our minds and bodies. If we’re out of sync with Earth’s Frequency we begin to exhibit signs of discomfort that can cause anxiety, insomnia and illness. I tend to think of it a global WiFi network which we can connect to at any time. In fact, it seems to be crucial for life on this planet. So before starting work on the soundtrack I tuned all my instruments to this frequency and its overtones and also calculated the tempo that corresponds to the planetary rhythm. The goal was to create a fractal, coherent score that would immerse the viewers and make them not only understand interconnectedness intellectually but also feel it and tune into this resonance. David Bohm said: “Consider what takes place when one is listening to music. At a given moment a certain note is being played but a number of the previous notes are still ‘reverberating’ in consciousness. Close attention will show that it is the simultaneous presence and activity of all these reverberations that is responsible for

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